Agriculture in Montana Schools (AMS) has three major purposes:

  1. To create, collect and disseminate to Montana educators lesson material that is factual and reliable, and represents all areas of agriculture.
  2. To provide continuing education classes to teachers about integrating the material from the AMS resource guides, videos, and the AMS treasure chest into the current curriculum.
  3. To provide an opportunity for our Montana students to learn about exciting careers in agriculture.

The AMS Foundation was organized by a group of agriculturalists and educators interested in the future of agriculture in Montana. Supporters of the Foundation come from all backgrounds, but they share a common goal—providing educational materials about the food and fiber system to Montana students.
Sharing the Importance of Agriculture with Montana Schools

The goal of AMS is to give Montana students a greater awareness of the contribution of agriculture to their lives and to the national economy and society, so they might become better informed citizens. Students will gain a better understanding of how Montana’s number one industry, agriculture, affects their lives.


Helen Hanson, President

(406) 547-3482

Carol Ann Sparks, Vice President

(406) 778-2320

Bev Weber, Treasurer

(406) 442-2701

Lorri Brenneman, Agriculture Literacy Specialist

Montana Department of Agriculture
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